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Professional Landscape Associates
Since our inception in 1986 our endeavor has been to create and maintain beautiful landscapes in the Lehigh Valley. Whether you have an existing landscape you would like renovated or a blank palette, we can add curb appeal with a new walkway, design an outdoor patio,add a water element and lighting or fine tune the plantings. The place to start is with a landscape plan. Call our Landscape Designer,Priscilla for a consultation,610-767-6636 

The Simple Solution Plant









Have a space that needs a taste of green? Need something for that “naked” spot in your bed? Hostas are the perfect perennial!

             Hosta are adaptable, low maintenance plants. They  grow readily in partial to full shade and take to a variety of soil types. Natives of Japan, China and Korea, the Hosta was first brought to the United States from Europe in the late 1700’s. Back then horticulturists used  plant division to multiply the hosta, but  today they are reproduced in laboratories by means of tissue culture.

Hostas come in a variety of shapes, forms, colors and sizes. While small varieties such as “Blue Moose Ears” grow to an average of  six inches high and twelve inches wide, larger types, such as “Blue Angel”, get about forty-eight inches high and thirty-six inches wide.

Other popular varieties of hosta include “June”, “Sagae”,  “Striptease”, “Guacamole”, “Sum and Substance”, “Paul’s Glory” and “Stained Glass”. Check them out online at


Priscilla Davies Brennan,M.L.A.
  •  M.L.A. Conway School of Landscape Design 1983
  • B.A. Biology UCSC 1979
  • Master Gardener UCSC 1980
Priscilla has 29 years of experience in the design field. Her vast knowledge and passion for plants and the environment makes for a winning combination when it comes to guiding the plant palette. Along with P.L.A.'S team of professionals her design and layout of the plans read well in the landscape. Ultimately giving the client the finished product they are looking for both functionally and aesthetically.
In addition to her work with P.L.A. Priscilla is Chair of Heidelberg Township's Environmental Advisory Committee, Vice Chair of Heidelberg Township's Planning Commission while enjoying hiking and gardening.
Professional Landscape Associates
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